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My real Eagle shot!!!!!

“This was my first and only eagle I ever got... I was about 120 to the pin 3rd shot, on a par-5 560 yard hole.
I had another player that was from the other hole next to us in my fairway when he moved aside and let me play my shot....It hit the fring and roled in the cup and the other player yelled as he raised his arms in celebration, as then he friend peeked from the bushes and said"What happened"? He said it rolled in!!!!! And then I freaked out in Amazement and my partner said" U lucky Fkr" LOL”

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Shot Online

Shot Online (PC)

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Release Date: 12/SEP/06
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Nice John, and GRATTY on the eagle!!!
Thx, probably only 1 i'll ever get, lmao!!!!
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